Finishing & Anodizing

Whatever your extruded aluminum design calls for, Erbsloeh Aluminum Solutions can anodize, powder coat, polish,

or apply  the glossy appearance of Brite Dip to enhance the look of finished parts. Matte or shiny. Small or large.

Erbsloeh Aluminum Solutions can finish parts up to sixteen-feet long.


When it comes to finishing, Erbsloeh Aluminum Solutions is truly unique. With decades of experience and understanding of the strengths/weaknesses, and

nuances of various finishing technologies, we are able to deliver a wide variety of extruded aluminum finished parts that others simply cannot.


Located in Southwestern Michigan, Erbsloeh Aluminum Solutions is a vertically integrated, industrial supplier that offers top-level performance in surface finishing

and overall anodizing capability. Because of our extensive capabilities, our customers come from as far as Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona.