Erbsloeh Aluminum Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of extruded aluminum that is recognized for their ability to provide Class-A,

cosmetic finished surfaces to multiple industries.


More than any single attribute, what sets Erbsloeh Aluminum Solutions apart from the rest is our ability to be a one-stop, single source supplier of finished goods.

Almost ninety-five percent of customers’ parts that leave Erbsloeh Aluminum Solutions, go directly from our loading dock into our customers’ final product – without

any further processing or finishing.


Erbsloeh Aluminum Solutions is your partner for all of your extrusion and fabrication needs. Our team fosters long-term relationships between your designers and

our engineers, who are always thinking about how we can improve the speed and outcome of the process.


With detailed process routing, constant record checks and QC, we work closely with our customers to ensure quality of their finished parts.