Impressive impressions.

Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH with its design rolling mill has maintained its pioneering position in the field of design, i.e. embossing of aluminum strips and sheets, to this day.

We have more than 300 different samples, the undoubtedly largest selection, ready for our customers, and new ones are constantly being added.

The cold rolling design process at Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH requires the use of relatively soft materials.


The following qualities are particularly suitable for this:

  • Al 99,5 to Al 99,9,
  • AlMg1 to Al 99,9Mg1,
  • material plated on one side (e.g. Al 99.5/99.85 or Al 99.5/99.98),
  • anodized or lacquered strips and sheets, whereby the visible gloss level is not impaired


Depending on design and material, the following dimensions are possible:

  • Material widths: up to max. 1,250 mm
  • Panel lengths: min. 500 mm to max. 3,000 mm
  • Material thicknesses: min. 0.30 mm to max. 2.00 mm