Cooperation partner wanted!

We are looking for companies that are interested in a new technology called PMA (Perfect Match Assembly), for which a patent has been filed, as part of cooperation.


Definition PMA

We have developed a system to increase the precision of assemblies/assembly groups. Through this system, called "PMA Algorithm", assembly tolerances and scrap rates can be significantly reduced based on existing manufacturing processes.


Some details:

  • Geometric information is captured from physically existing parts/components/assemblies that influence the final assembly and thus the precision of the final product. 
  • This information is stored and digitally processed with the help of our specially developed PMA algorithm, so that the best possible tolerance pairing, i.e. a "perfect match", results for the course of assembly, which increases the quality of the product.
  • Here, the existing manufacturing process remains unaffected, so that the PMA principle concentrates on the acquisition of data (which data can be acquired with which hardware, or is the data perhaps even already available?) and the accompanying evaluation.



Performance spectrum and technical possibilities of the PMA

Through individually tailored data analysis of components to be paired (digital twin), we can achieve the smallest possible tolerance for scrap reduction in assembly.


Based on pilot projects in the automotive industry, significant tolerance reductions have been demonstrated to date. 

  • Analysis of the assembly to be optimized
  • Identification of data to be analyzed in preparation for the digital twin
  • Determination of data acquisition
  • Analysis of data acquisition possibilities
  • Consulting with regard to systematic data acquisition
  • Creation of a prototype to determine effectiveness 



Wanted companies/interested parties 

We are looking for partners who are willing to test this novel technology in a pilot project and to develop it further together. Industrial companies that produce components in series are particularly addressed. 


Interested? Then get in touch with us!