WKW.automotive wins the "German Innovation Award 2021"

Huge success for the innovation team

WKW.automotive: The Company is the 2021 winner in two categories at once, for "Perfect Match Assembly" and "Design Thinking".

"Perfect Match Assembly" is a patent-pending algorithm developed by WKW.automotive that optimizes two components to be assembled together in a predefined batch with respect to one feature in terms of their assembly sequence. This significantly improves the assembly dimension, for example, even if the individual component tolerances remain the same. "Perfect Match Assembly" can therefore be used, for example, to achieve critical functional dimensions with significantly greater process stability.


The German Innovation Award honors cross-industry products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily through user-centeredness and added value compared to previous solutions. The German Innovation Award 2021 is presented annually by the German Design Council in two competition categories: "Excellence in Business to Consumer" and "Excellence in Business to Business". In addition, projects that have used agile innovation methods such as Design Thinking, Scrum, Lean Startup or Sprint on their way to innovation are honored in the superordinate category "Design Thinking".


The German Design Council has been operating since 1953 as the world's leading competence center for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design, brand and innovation. With its international offerings, support for young designers and memberships, it is part of the global design community and has always contributed to establishing exchange and networks worldwide. Its membership currently includes more than 340 companies.


The jury is made up of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, institutions and the financial sector. The submissions are evaluated according to the criteria of innovation level, user benefits and economic viability. The innovation strategy should take into account aspects such as social, ecological and economic sustainability and the use of energy and resources. Factors such as location and employment potential, durability, market maturity, technical quality and function, materiality and synergy effects also play a decisive role in the judging process.


We warmly congratulate the entire innovation team on this outstanding result and look forward to further groundbreaking impulses in the future.