NEWTRAL® - Aluminum for Future Generations

Actively shaping transformation - that is the motto of Erbslöh Aluminium and our drive to bring the product innovation NEWTRAL® to the market. A sustainable aluminum profile with a significantly reduced CO2 footprint.


NEWTRAL® is a semi-finished aluminum product manufactured with special attention to the CO2 footprint, which exploits the possibilities of a sustainable manufacturing process and thus makes an important contribution to the CO2 neutrality of the end product.


  • NEWTRAL® consists of climate-friendly primary aluminum produced exclusively with hydropower.
  • NEWTRAL® is alloyed in the company's own foundry and processed directly on site into an extrusion profile, with the casting lines using regeneration burners and waste heat recovery.
  • NEWTRAL® is produced in a manufacturing process that will be powered by 100% green electricity in the future.
  • NEWTRAL® is 100% recyclable.


Actively shaping the future

Whoever like Erbslöh Aluminium, looks back on a company history of almost 180 years and, in addition, has been processing the material aluminum since the beginning of its industrialization, is always growing with the changing times. And this is exactly what we realize with the development of NEWTRAL®. Frank Busenbecker, Managing Director of Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH: "What we do today determine what the world will look like tomorrow, a piece of wisdom that is certainly not new. The decisive factor for us was and is that we can shape the future solely through the dynamics of our own development processes and thus actively accompany the transformation process of the automotive industry."


Unlimited application possibilities

Erbslöh Aluminium's profiles are mainly supplied to the automotive supply industry, within the WKW group of companies to finishing plants worldwide, and of course also to other suppliers with various production depths in the further processing of our NEWTRAL® profiles. Another product area is heat exchanger profiles, which are sold to manufacturers of passenger car air conditioning systems.


Our contribution to e-mobility

This means that the total CO2 t/semi-finished product is reduced to a value of 2.7. For conventional aluminum profiles, the average value in Europe is 6.0, while the average value worldwide is 16.7. This is a significant reduction that qualifies NEWTRAL® in particular for use in the field of e-mobility. Here, the team of experts at Erbslöh Aluminium is involved in development orders for profiles for


  • Battery cooling
  • Battery boxes
  • Structural components
  • Carrier profiles
  • Heat exchangers for cooling of digitizing components


Design-oriented solution with sustainability in mind

Aluminum has always made designers' hearts beat faster. And so aluminum profiles often find their place in modern design ideas and innovative product solutions. In this way, NEWTRAL® can also make a decisive contribution in the electronics and furniture industries.