Quality management

Quality through competence.

The product and process-specific requirements of our customers are constantly increasing.

The development of sustainably safe products and processes creates the necessary conditions for minimizing follow-up costs.

Structured project management, the continuous improvement of process reliability and supplier management are indispensable tools here.

The quality principles form an integral part of our corporate policy.


The satisfaction of our external and internal customers is the focus of our activities.

We achieve this goal through the quality of our products and services.

This is fueled by the competence and trustworthiness of our employees.


For us, quality means fully meeting the requirements agreed with our external and internal customers.

In this sense, quality places a high demand on the entire Group.


In particular:

  • To know the exact customer requirements and expectations
  • To develop and produce competitive products in line with the market with our innovative capabilities and mastery of technologies and methods
  • To consistently implement the zero-defect strategy by producing defect-free products through controlled processes
  • Structured project management and development of sustainably safe products and processes
  • The Executive Board has initiated the measures necessary to achieve the targets and will support this ongoing task with the individual management levels
  • Integration of suppliers and contractors
  • Continuous improvement of products and processes
  • Error prevention takes priority over error detection
  • Definition of specific objectives
  • Definition of the overriding corporate goals.
  • Definition of the corporate policy
  • Provision of modern and efficient tools and methods to achieve controlled processes
  • Continuous improvement of all processes (CIP)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of CIP
  • Continuous improvement of the level of knowledge and training of our employees
  • Practicing open information and communication for the purpose of efficient cooperation
  • Permanent evaluation of safety, classification and cleanliness criteria


Our quality management system according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 covers all quality-relevant activities and is binding for all employees.

We expect every employee to feel committed to our common goal of continuous improvement of "customer satisfaction" and to support it to the best of their ability.


All our certificates can be viewed here.