Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Our healthy, motivated employees are the most important foundation of the’s success. We are working hard every day to improve the safety situation for our employees. That is our highest priority. We want to reduce the number of accidents and possible incidents by systematically removing unsafe conditions and working practices.


Our vision is very simple: “Zero accidents”. We know that if we systematically monitor and analyze dangerous situations we can avoid accidents and their negative implications for health. The health and safety of our employees is as much of goal for our company as our economic success and the quality of our products.


In pursuit of this we are working by the following principles:

  • Each and every employee should be able to do his or her job and go home happy and healthy, no matter if they are a member of company management, supervisor, technician or anyone else. That’s why we are working together to build a progressive health and safety culture for our company. Most of the responsibility for ensuring workplace health and safety falls on company management and management level. They know that they are role models when it comes to implementing corporate re-sponsibility.
  • As early as the planning stage, workplace health and safety is being integrated into all relevant com-pany processes with the same urgency as economic concerns. This includes complying with all rele-vant laws, directives, guidelines and other regulations. Any violations will be met with the appropri-ate consequences.
  • Developing skills and awareness for health and safety is a core element of staff training.
  • Avoiding dangers and minimizing risks for the health and safety of our employees is our number one goal, and we are pursuing this with a preventative approach as well as with the implementation of measures on a technical, organizational and individual level.
  • We are promoting a culture where we take responsibility for one another. This is something that eve-ryone can contribute to.
  • Alongside the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, these health and safety measures are also intended to maintain and improve the health of employees in the long term. The will ensure that the necessary resources are available.
  • Our employees will be actively involved in the topic of workplace health and safety and, where it is in their ability, work independently towards reaching our health and safety goals.
  • Meanwhile in terms of emergency management, we are ensuring that potential incidents are identi-fied quickly and action is taken immediately. To this end, we regularly train staff in emergency re-sponse scenarios. This helps keep employees safe and avoid stops in production.
  • The same workplace health and safety standards apply for employees of external contractors as for our own employees. This is taken into account when commissioning external contractors.