Environmental management

Committed to the environment!

Following the principles of sustainable development, environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate policy and is firmly anchored in our Code of Conduct.

In addition to complying with the legal requirements that apply to us, we want to positively influence and sustainably improve our living environment.


Optimized plants and processes in conjunction with high safety standards enable the efficient and resource-saving manufacturing of our products.


Through the continuous improvement of the company's environmental protection strategy, taking into account economic aspects,

environmentally-friendly production can be guaranteed.

Our products are recycling friendly and, with a low specific weight, help reduce the indirect environmental impact of our customers' products.


Our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001 and is subject to continuous improvement and further development.


Below are our principles for successful environmental protection:

  • We want to positively influence and sustainably improve our living environment by actively practicing environmental protection. In addition to economic and social aspects, we therefore also practice environmental protection in our business activities.
  • We achieve environmentally conscious thinking and acting by informing and motivating all employees at all levels. We all bear responsibility for the careful handling of the resources from our environment.
  • In the development and manufacture of our products, environmentally compatible use and recycling are taken into account.
  • In our business process development and product realization work, we strive to follow environmentally friendly processes and to use raw materials, energy, chemicals, and other auxiliary and operating materials as efficiently as possible.
  • Our production processes are evaluated with regard to their environmental relevance and are continuously reviewed in order to meet the environmental requirements that apply to us. Possible potential hazards can thereby be identified and eliminated or reduced by taking any necessary measures.
  • We oblige our contractors, suppliers, and disposal companies to comply with the environmental regulations and laws applicable to them.
  • We maintain an open dialog with the public, the authorities, customers, and suppliers.


All our certificates can be viewed here.