Sustainability - more than just a buzzword!

Often, slogans about sustainability are just empty words and are not lived. We take our commitment to a viable and liveable society very seriously and want to proactively advocate for a modern circular economy with our initiatives to improve the sustainability of our production.

We are particularly proud of our asi certification, which has now been completed. We have thus taken an important step towards the consistent implementation of our sustainability goals. However, this is not the goal, but a first, important building block for future-oriented business.


Furthermore, in our work processes, the health and safety of our workforce is just as important as avoiding the waste of resources and developing innovations that help us and our customers reduce our carbon footprint.


For decades, our group of companies has been an owner-managed enterprise that is strongly characterised by the care and provision for its employees. Since the company now belongs to the charitable Gert and Susanna Mayer Foundation, this attitude has once again taken on a special significance. Thus, social responsibility has a very special significance. The awareness of being able to put one's own work performance at the service of a charitable foundation is reflected both in the corporate culture and in our daily actions and responsible dealings with one another.


All the projects with which we fulfil our social responsibility are listed in detail in our sustainability report.

Sustainability Report 2021


The presents its sustainability report 2021.

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Our current asi certificate


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