Gert und Susanna Mayer Stiftung

It was the last wish of our long-time company director Gert Mayer: The major part of our group of companies, the, now belongs to a non-profit foundation.

The Gert und Susanna Mayer Stiftung which was officially recognized on Friday,  January 11, 2016 by Annemarie Lütkes, District President of Düsseldorf, pursues exclusively charitable purposes.

The foundation's income from the economic activity of the company is used primarily for the treatment of children suffering from cancer and the support of affected families.


The foundation promotes the improvement of the care of cancer patients in all areas of cancer treatment:

- Research

- Paediatric oncology

- Hospice work

- Palliative care

- Life situations outside medical care (for example by promoting cultural activities, leisure activities and care)


The incorporation of into the Gert und Susanna Mayer Stiftung also has a decisive advantage for the future. The foundation has become the majority owner of the company. And because a foundation is set up for eternity, we make sure that the can never run into succession problems. This is good and important for the employees, their families - and, of course, for the concerns of the foundation, which can rely on a strong and stable company.

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